Friday, April 13, 2007

the fung wah report: an expose of hysteria

alternately titled (death bus for cutie)

if you're anything like me, you cant get enough of nyc.
i think its a great place to visit, but i would'nt want to live there
(unless i was rich).
seeing as how i'm (how do you say??) financially challenged, i opt to travel to said destination by a cheap and reliable method of transportation.
the fung wah bus!!.
i know, i know, everyone has a horror story, or has heard a horror story, or knows someone that lost an eye while taking the fung wah, but the reality is, is that its only 15 dollars one way and you cant beat that with a stick(even if its an eye poking stick).
for those of you unfamiliar with the fung wah, its a bus liner, similar to greyhound(only cheaper), that started off traveling from chinatown in nyc to chinatown in boston and versa visa... well, in recent history they've had some pretty troubling press. it turns out that some buses have tipped over, some have crashed into toll booths and some have just started on fire out of the blue(earning my favorite nickname, the flame wah). as crazy as that all sounds they've had very minimal (if any) injuries sustained and hey, whats a little bump and grind amongst you and your fellow thrifty new friends?. i have taken the fung wah on over 20 occasions and the worst thing that's ever happened to me was having to sit in the back next to the bathroom. never mind the time it took six and a half hours it took to get back to boston one rainy night, the weather was bad and i was grateful that the driver took it slow. to ride the fung wah is to be "with the people", by people i mean college kids, artists, young professors, single mothers, foreign tourists, lawyers and the occasional sketchy looking dude with a backpack, and you're pretty sure its filled with drugs or some other illicit, illegal goods so you do your best not to make eye contact with him(but its cool cause hes listening to his ipod and trying his best to go unnoticed anyway).
the fung wah is like your quirky cousin, its cheap, it smells weird, it has bad interior design taste, but you love it for who or/what it is.

click here to investigate for yourself
and here

i know its friday the 13th, but don't be afraid, get your tickets here.

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