Thursday, April 12, 2007

spring is in the air, and that means art!

hey everyone!,

I currently have work in a show at the Gulu-Gulu Cafe in Lynn. They are planning to do a “Meet the Artist night” at the cafe the evening of April 28Th starting at 8PM. There will be live music beginning at 8PM as well, so I’m expecting a decent turnout. The proprietors of this event are big supporters of art and really nice people as well, If you cant make it to the party, def check out their cafe if you find yourself in Lynn.

Details of the evening are below
(taken from

Meet The Artists Night! – Saturday April 28, 8PM
Come meet these artistic super-stars before they become world famous and get all snotty! All art is for sale and can be purchased directly from the Gulu-Gulu Café.
This show we are featuring the artistic talents of Mike Hammecker (Boston), Michael Crockett (Cambridge), Barbra Lena (Stoneham), and Greg Orfanos (Beverly)!
And for the evening’s entertainment we are featuring, not one, not two, but THREE musical acts!

Michael Crockett – one of our featured artists and solo acoustic guitar recitalist! Low-FI sound with lots of high hiss, Mid-level mush, and lots of clicky clicks and county counts!
To hear some beautiful music check out

Adam Rich - solo acoustic guitar master!
Click to hear the grand master play!

Sway - Indie Country / Folk idols of millions!
Check out for more...


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dccaf said...

I am so excited for your blog! I'll have to keep up with it so I know what to see when I'm in Boston!