Wednesday, May 30, 2007

THE END IS HERE: the greatest party that never happened

It was to be a collaborative effort by many different local companies, ranging from graphic designers, promoters, fashion designers and musicians. It was sort of a going away party for a local designer and founder of 280 studios Bob Gatti, as hes been forced out of his loft in South Bostons Fort Point district due to skyrocketing prices and gentrification. This party was the one that was supposed to send him off in style. Styles ranging from the fashion sense of BIRDHEAD designs Michael Crigler, to the spray painted backdrops organized by WARHOL IS DEAD Curtis McMillan to the underground marketing and promotions professionals at street attack.
Live hardcore musicians and local dj collabo HEARTHROB were to round out the bill with their musical styling's.

The key word above is "was".
Unfortunately a party thrown in the building the night before was the reason for its cancellation.
Here's Bobs myspace post "That's right Boston, I am sorry to announce, but last night someone started a fire in my building and the cops and firemen have been there all day and will be shutting the building's power and elevator down today to prevent me from having this event.I am sorry, we will be rescheduling, this was going to be huge. Be on the lookout for our next big event. Thanks Bob G. gimme a ring if anyone knows of anything fun to do tonight cause i am super no HEARTHROB, no BIRDHEAD, no STREET ATTACK, no WARHOLISDEAD, and no 280 STUDIOS"

And there you have it. I know this party was going to be huge. Come on Boston, lets rally the troops and try to pull off more alternative venues for art and fashion. I know that the above people put in a lot of effort to make the event happen, but in the end it wasn't enough.
I also know that the next party they organize will be even bigger and better than this one was going to be.. so stay tuned, check out their sites and support their hard work. as these are the ones to watch.

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