Wednesday, September 5, 2007

....a landscape show

September 7 -- October 20
Opening: Friday, September 20 - 6 to 8PM

Samson Projects
450 Harrison Avenue, Storefront 63
Boston, MA 02118
T 617 357 7177
Gallery Hours:Wednesday to Saturday 11 to 5 PM &, of course, by appointment
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Oliver Boberg, Rackstraw Downes, Noriko Furunishi, Maureen Gallace, Jeffrey Gibson, Julia Hechtman, Alex Katz, Shay Kun, Sarah Nesbit, Anri Sala, Claire Sherman, Dan Torop & Neil Welliver

It is a dry, sterile and mathematical consideration to regard the landscape as exhausted, which our studies consider, the natural, as non-lasting under human hands. As the summer ends we retreat inside and regard the indoors taking account of the constraints that our existence as an audience imposes on the sort of universe that we can observe and experience. The idea that fundamental constants may have the values they have not for fundamental physical reasons, but rather because such values are necessary for life (and hence observers to measure the constants).The horizon is a metaphor for the future. An ideal view. It all has to line up with it.I don’t know who said: “Artists use lies to reveal the truth”. To depict scenery: mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, oceans, buildings, sky and weather are elements of the composition.“Are you stealing my rocks?” “No, I was throwing out my cigarette. Rocks are abundant.” -overheard in the HamptonsSir Kenneth Clark: "[it is] apt to assume that the appreciation of natural beauty and the painting of landscape is a normal and enduring part of our spiritual activity...”The release of the elements as kitsch fodder? Is it necessary to elucidate more on the decorative aspects as well as the intelligent designer/spiritual tenet?

Go outside!

(Above)Oliver BobergLandstrasse / Country Road (still), 2002, 30 min. looped 16mm film with sound on DVD, edition of 6, dimensions variable

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