Wednesday, October 10, 2007


RHYS gallery
401 Harrison Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02118

October 18 - November 08, 2007
Opening Reception
Thursday, October 18, 5 - 8 PM featured artists

Nick Rodrigues
To be open and receptive to one another is an invaluable trait not to be given up or taken advantage of. The sculptures that I make are my way of talking about the issues we all see but cannot necessarily change.I'm interested in the way that humans relate with one another, and how technology and innovation can dramatically affect these interactions. Often the acceptance of new products into our lives is so subtle that it goes unnoticed, and yet it alters our experience in profound ways. My pieces highlight the discrepancies between what is, what has been, and what could be normal.

Gabriel & Gilberto Colaço

To describe Gabriel and Gilberto Colaço’s works immediately implies to talk about a whole activity of invasion because they openly are two players. Each one of them strongly competes for his working space and capacity of adjustment to the space and limits set by the other so that in the end, all such confrontation will result in a good outcome agreed by both of them. Thus, the whole is the result of both artists’ shots.On the other hand, in the close connection between the two twin brothers Gabriel and Gilberto Colaço there is the reconcilement of a vocabulary, classified by a repeated colour of palette, and a very peculiar way of looking to raise the figure to a new dimension. Its fragmentation and distortion emerge as a reinvention. The sections of the figure, that can present citizens, known or close friends, or unusual objects, create also borders of work in which participates Gabriel Colaço or Gilberto Colaço.However, the most important is to witness the complicity and trust that has involved all the work of Gabriel and Gilberto, and the proof that art can result from sharing.

(pictured above left, Nick Rodrigues, cell phone booth)
(pictured below right, Gabriel & Gilberto Colaço HW # 1 2006 Acrylic on canvas 78 x 78 in)

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