Thursday, April 3, 2008

Melissa Hutton at KIDDER SMITH Gallery

131 Newbury Street

Boston, MA 02116
T 617 424 6900
online: Website
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00-5:30

Melissa Hutton
Rough Landing
April 2 - 26, 2008

Her show is called Rough Landing, but for San Francisco artist Melissa Hutton her work is anything but that. Hutton, well-known in the Bay Area for her high-impact, modern graphic, mixed media paintings, will present her latest works in a solo exhibition at the Kidder Smith Gallery.

"My work explores the complexities of the American landscape. Drawing from personal experience and emotional reaction to the environment, I confront themes of isolation, fear, destruction and ultimately resilience," said Hutton. "Images of stormy panoramas sliced by sparkly highways that are littered with abandoned barns and gas stations expose a country threatened by greed and waste. The glossy dripping surfaces that encase much of my work are a metaphor for a culture obsessed with greed and waste.

"Hutton's work begins with a digital orchestration of images and ideas translated onto custom wood panels by a combination of techniques and mediums such as silk-screening, spray enamels, digital transparencies and wood layered between coats of resin. Her ability to create powerful statements in each individual piece is impacted by a vibrant use of colors, minimalist images and high-gloss, dripping finish. The result is a clean, modern, intense work that is popular and easily understood by most viewers.

(Pictured above right) How Much Further?, 2008 Mixed Media 33 in. x 48 in. x 3 in.

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