Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fort Point’s Not Dead (not just yet anyway)

The Fort Point Artist Community is alive and well.
It’s not just because it’s the new “hot” spot for development. It’s because of the strong arts community that gave this old warehouse district its character.

There’s a strong sense of family here in fort point and that’s what makes it so great.
When I moved here 6 years ago, it was under the assumption that this area was being gentrified and that our days (collectively) were numbered.
Thinking I only had a year or two in this amazing affordable loft space complete with tall ceilings and a freight elevator (every artist's dream) I decided to take full advantage of the space and my time here.
First I set out to meet as many local artists as I could. The first thing I recognized about the artists I was meeting was their talent and their work ethic.
Filmmakers, painters, sculptors, ceramicists, photographers and performance artists, all working hard(and often together) and loving every minute of it. The neighborhood is changing dramatically, with luxury condos springing up everywhere. Artists are being forced to move, or stay and pay ridiculous rents. While there is a little bit of "affordable" housing being offered to these artists that have helped shape this neighborhood into the unique community that it is being advertised as, it's still not enough. There are buildings that are artist-owned (300 Summer st co-op), and others offer cheaper rents to artists (15 Channel Center) that they supposedly can purchase after time (though that's not been put in writing yet). Ultimately I'm a capitalist and I understand change is inevitable. This is prime real estate so it was bound to be redeveloped, the only thing one can hope for is that the developers recognize the value of keeping as many of these artists in place to help retain some of the flavor that has made this small part of this equally small city so sweet.
The amount of quality art and knowledge and the number of collaborative ventures I’ve been exposed to over these 6 years here in Fort Point have been a blessing and a memory I will take with me wherever I move to next. (although I'd really like to stay)

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nicely written, MH!! well-put.